Shaena Heathertoe


Shaena Heathertoe is a female halfling shaman, standing 120cm long and weighing about 36kg. She has long dark hair, usually braided in different sizes and with some leather straps, pearls and sometimes small bones or feathers attached. She wears a discretely bronze tinged leather armour outfit and around her waist is a belt braided of snakeskin. Other prominent features are a silver brooch in the form of a shield and a necklace consisting of a polar bear carved from ivory. Prominent weapons are a spear and a short bow, but she is seldom using them.

Both in and outside of combat, her spirit companion is never far away. When he takes physical form, he manifests himself as the protecting and wrathful polar bear, a semi translucent form but nevertheless deadly.

Even though you may have travelled with Shaena by your side for a couple of months, you don’t know much about her and where she comes from. It is just one of the things she usually does not talk about. She is friendly and caring, and is always prepared to help with both physical ailments and those of the spirit. She is often seen with her diary which she diligently writes in every evening after which you have grown accustomed to hearing her low chanting accompanied by a regular drumming before she goes to sleep. Her behaviour is at times somewhat absent minded but then again – she is a shaman, with one foot in this world and the other travelling in the realm of spirits.


Shaena Heathertoe

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