Keira Stoneheart


Keira Stoneheart is a 22 year old goliath barbarian, 231cm tall and weighs about 150kg. She has light brown skin with darker stripes resembling those of the ferocious mountain cats that also is the inspiring fuel of her rage. Her eyes are gleaming dark green and her hair is dark brown, usually carried in thick braids bundled together to keep it out of the way. She wears a hide armour trimmed with reddish fur. Her arms are protected by a pair of guards. Never far from her hands is her greataxe and in addition hangs a smaller version of in her belt. Also in her belt you can usually see a couple of small vials. Around her neck hangs a carved out version of the mountain cat, protecting her when she most needs it in combat.

Keira grew tired of her life as a tribe warrior; there were no wars, just half lame tribal contests with no real competition or honour in them. After leaving, she lived in the city for a while, getting by as muscle for a lesser thief prince. It was fine, but boring. And soon, she lost interest in standing around and showing off. She found a little competition at the arena but it all seemed so pointless, and when she heard the rumour that there were treasure to be found, not to mention evil cultists to be slain, in the ruins some distance away, she cleared out of the stifling city with no further ado. Keira is usually faster with her axe than with her tongue and if something needs killin’, she’s not late to respond.


lvl 2 item
lvl 3 item
lvl 4 item
520gp + 100gp from session 1(Handaxe of Long Range +1, lvl 2, Adventurer’s kit, Potion of Healing, Potion of Cure light wounds, 15gp)


Gained Session Total Next lvl up
3363xp session 1-3 3363 3750
400xp session 4 3763 (lvl up) 5500
438xp session 5 4201 5500
657xp session 6 4858 5500

Gem lvl 4 item (session 1) (Counterstrike Guards)
Gem lvl5 item (session 3) (Gloves of recovery)
Gem lvl 3 item (session 3) (Belt of Feral Might)
Bought session 5 lvl 2 item Boots of Adept charging
2 potions of cure light wounds and 1 holy water (from cleric session 5)
1 potion of healing (session 6)

15gp (start including session 1)
137gp (session 2)
440gp (session 3)
100gp (session 4)
- 520gp Boots of adept charging
- 30gp 2 potions of cure light wounds and 1 holy water (½ market price from cleric)
32gp (session 5+6)
174gp (total)

Keira Stoneheart

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