Purge of the Ruins

Into the ruins (session 1)

Excerpt from the Diary of Shaena Heathertoe

Found out that the ruins that I apparently have been exploring for the last couple of months also has been set up as a base of operations for a local Cult of Orcus. Those evildoers are never up to anything good, so I with my friends(?) decided to purge the ruins of the evil. As we went down the stairs and into the ruins of the old city and opened up the first chamber, I immediatly felt the presence of an old and powerful but also very angry spirit. With a little cooperation we quickly recognized signs of necromantic magic and also that it was well beyond our capabilities to dispell. After (XX) more or less intentionally tripped the magic field, an undead fledgling white dragon burst out of its resting place and naturally attacked those who dared to disturb him. After releasing him from his horrible undead existence, I took a token from him to use in the ritual later.

The next room we ventured in to reeked of mass burial ground but seemed quiet until the last member of our group passed the threshold, and all doors to the room slammed shut and started glowing with a magical field. As if that wasn’t enough… five hands burst through the soil and we had a gang of zombies on our hands.

Session notes:
313 xp/person
100 gp/person
1 lvl 3 item (XX)
1 lvl 4 item (Shaena)


Please feel free to write a summary of the sessions, in whatever form you are comfortable with. I am starting to give an example, but it’ll be more enjoying if it’s a group effort. There’s nothing that says we can’t have multiple entries recording the same session either. Reallly looking forward to see all you guys intake on our adventure.



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